Anderson, Steyn recall bowling against Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is recognised as ‘God of cricket’ by the vast majority of cricket fraternity. He was the one who made cricket popular. Back in those days, fans used to turn off their TV sets when Sachin gets out and that was the impact the legendary player had on the fans, not just in India but away from India as well.

Sachin Tendulkar and Dale Steyn

In his stellar career, he created several records and went on to become the first cricketer to score as many as 100 international hundreds, a staggering record which no other cricketer has been able to surpass yet.

He retired from the game with most runs in both ODIs and Tests. Sachin might have retired in 2013 but even now, he holds the number one position in both the formats.
In his career, Sachin Tendulkar played with some of the best bowlers in the world and two of them being England’s James Anderson and South Africa’s Dale Steyn.

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Speaking on Star Sports Podcast, both the great pacers namely Dale Steyn and James Anderson had recalled what it was like to bowl against Sachin Tendulkar, and why he was arguably a difficult opponent to face against.

“I don’t remember having a specific game plan against Sachin Tendulkar,” Anderson said. “Once he came on, I would just think that I cannot bowl a bad ball here, he was that kind of player. He was a key for India as well. If you get him out in India, the whole atmosphere, in the ground changes. He was such a big wicket.”

“You just try on bowling your best ball, top of off-stump, the whole time and hope he miss a straight one. In England, he might knick the odd one, but generally, I’d try and get him out LBW early. I had some success against him, but he had success against me as well. He got runs against us quite a lot,” he added.

South Africa speed gun Dale Steyn agreed with England’s finest pacer James Anderson and said that it was quite tough to get Sachin Tendulkar out for an LBW. “When he came in, you had to up your focus and think on how you are going to hold that length and try and hit the top of off stump. Especially in India, if you could just get the ball to get back in, you could get him out LBW. But he was so good, he rarely got out that way,” he said.

He also went on to add saying that the impact legendary Sachin Tendulkar had on the crowd in India.

“You never want to bowl a bad ball to him. If you bowl a bad ball to him and he hits you for four, especially in India, it feels like the world is closing in on you. He might just be on 4* but he might as well be batting on 500,” he added in a statement.

“You don’t want to bowl a bad ball and you would think to just bring the pace down a little bit, and bowl at the right place for as long as you possibly could. And then you just hope; because he’s got it covered, he has every shot in the book. You just hope that one ball would do something off the seam or he’s got an off day and it goes in your favour,” Steyn signed off.

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