Shakib opens up regarding his viral video

A few days back a video of Bangladesh T20 skipper Shakib Al Hasan went viral on social media where he was caught showing aggressive behaviour and bad mouthing towards a Bangladeshi Cricket fan after the side’s successive series victory against Windies in Florida.Are we not allowed to be busy or tired?

There were speculations  Shakib was asked regarding recent students movement in Bangladesh by the attacked fans. However, the cricketer on Wednesday through a Facebook post clears the air surrounding altercation with the fan.

Shakib who found himself in the midst of many controversies in the past too asked his fans to consider the stress that cricketers go through and not to make rash judgements if the cricketers cannot always keep their requests. He said in his Facebook post, “Dear fans and followers, it has come to my notice that a video clip has been uploaded of me and a so called “fan” arguing in our hotel lobby after grueling match against the West Indies. The clip does not convey the entire sequence of events and is shown out of context.”

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He continued, “I, like my teammates, were exhausted after back-to-back matches and just wanted to go back to our rooms. We were carrying our own equipment and bags and my hands were full so I wasn’t in a position to give out autographs at the time. I, along with my teammates, usually try to spend our times with our fans and also share moments by taking selfies and giving out autographs. But fans also need to understand that we are human beings and give our all on the field fighting for our national colours. Are we not allowed to be busy or tired? We understand and appreciate your support for the team and us and we will always give it our all to ensure that we honour it on and off the field. However, times like this, sometimes makes the entire struggle and hard work unbearable and difficult to cope with.”

The 31-year old cricketer also requested fans to not take it personally when the players can’t meet their requests. He concluded, “My humble request to you is that you don’t take it personally when one of us can’t meet your requests, as the situation we are in might be different from what you are seeing. Please do not rush to make judgment or form opinions about us without trying to understand whether we are in a good mood or bad mood. I love my fans and I play for them whether it’s for the national team or any other league team, but at the same time I expect respect, love and most importantly understanding form you all. I know some people (who follow me or not) will try to make an issue out of nothing, but this petty mentality needs to change if you expect us to do better. The matches are difficult as it is and we don’t need this added pressure. From one human being to another, thanks for understanding. Love, Shakib,”

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