Ashwin lashes out on ‘experts’ and former greats

India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin said he is not interested in getting into debate as he does not have any answers for opinions.

Ashwin says he does not have time for critics.
Ashwin says he does not have time for critics.

The main talking point here is whether wrist spinners are more effective than finger spinners, but Ashwin says the theories floating in Indian cricket are simply based on ‘perceptions’.

When Ashwin was asked what his thoughts were on this ongoing debate, the answer he came up with was laced with sarcasm.

“Like they say, world spins and everything will spin around. It’s only matter of time as more often than not Indian cricket is built mostly on perceptions,” Ashwin said, making it clear he doesn’st have time for critics, who have dissected his bowling over the years.

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The experts and former greats were further caught in the crossfire when a simple question on whether he agreed with the ‘experts’ on bowling a lot of his stock delivery in Test matches got him going.

“It is all based on success. If you are successful then they will say it is alright, if not then you are always going to have opinions,” Ashwin said, only warming up.

“For better part of the first 150 wickets that I picked, people kept on saying I am trying variations. All the great and big people kept on saying the same thing when I knew I wasn’t doing it. These are all opinions that are made and created by people for which I have to keep giving answers to. I don’t have the time anymore. I just want to enjoy the game.”

While India are currently busy playing West Indies on their home soil in the ODI series that precedes a Test series as well, Ashwin is not in the squad. Rather he is participating in the Deodhar Trophy for India A team. Though his team lost to India B by 43 runs, Ashwin came handy with the bat in hand, making 54 himself and also pairing with Dinesh Karthik (99) for a 123-run partnership.

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