Australian expert offers to assist Lankan police to investigate 2011 WC final

Steve van Aperen, an Australian Polygraph Examiner is willing to assist the Sri Lankan police to investigate the allegations of 2011 World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka.

Australian expert offers to assist Lankan police to investigate 2011 WC final
Steve van Aperen

Several years ago this police officer conducted a polygraph test on Steve Waugh, who voluntarily agreed because he was of the view that something needed to be done to address the issue of corruption and cheating in cricket.

Speaking exclusively over telephone from Australia, he said,

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“I would be happy and available to assist and advise Sri Lankan police in their investigation using the latest technology and behavioural analysis interviewing techniques that I have trained many government departments in.”

“For many years both match fixing and spot fixing together with allegations of corruption have plagued international cricket. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that where there is money corruption or fraud is not far away.  Generally, the vast majority of international cricket players are honest people dedicated to the love of the game.”

“Polygraph testing is a great way to weed out corruption but I have since introduced a new technology through my company ‘eyevalidate’ which is even more effective than polygraph testing.”

“This new technology measures subtle changes in the eyes to detect deception at a total of 60 eye measurements per second or a total of 100,000 computations during a 40-minute examination at 90% accuracy. The applications that this latest technology has in sport can be far reaching. A player can be tested for spot or match fixing, corruption or use of performance enhancing drugs,” he further added.

“Steve Waugh’s belief was that captains and vice captains should lead by example and voluntarily submit to a polygraph test to dispel any belief that a player may be engaging in match or spot fixing. I believe that the idea had merit. Strong leadership creates a strong culture. As a police officer I have seen how corruption can change a person’s character and spreads like a cancer,” Steve van Aperen signed off.

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