Babar Azam wants to win the next two World Cups for Pakistan

Babar Azam is hoping his exceptional run-scoring can propel Pakistan to the world title - and fulfill a childhood dream in the process.

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No doubt enjoying my form but with this form my number one goal is to win the two World Cups for Pakistan in the next year and a half and when that happens I will feel like my runs are worth their weight in gold."

Babar became captain in 2019 and is leading the team to new heights. Pakistan defeated Australia in an ODI series, reached the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup and overtook India in the ICC-ODI rankings for the first time since 2007.
The 27-year-old went on to reveal that his childhood dream was to represent Pakistan in international cricket and help his team win all the titles.
"When I started cricket as a schoolboy, my goal of playing cricket internationally for Pakistan was to become the best batsman in the world so that it will help my team win all the titles."
His father Azam Siddique has always been his biggest fan and crucial support.
"I was obsessed with cricket growing up and found my father supporting me with that passion," Azam recalls.
His grassroots career to the top included acting as a ball boy during a Pakistan-South Africa test in Lahore in 2007 when Azam's dream came true upon seeing his idol AB de Villiers up close.
When asked about the difficulties he faces as captain, he said: “I want to take on the challenge because I'm at the top. My team only follows me when I’m ahead, and that’s the same with run scoring.”
The ODI No. 1 batsman explained that his performance was crucial because if he did well the other players would try to deliver as well. He explained that as captain he is constantly working to improve his finishing ability.