Bangladesh may not require isolation in Sri Lanka

After a lot of speculation due to the coronavirus, the Bangladesh cricket team is finally going to Sri Lanka to play a Test series. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and host Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) have decided to hold a Test series in October-November.

Bangladesh not have to be in isolation in Sri Lanka

According to the ICC Future Tour Plan or FTP, all three Tests will be played. Earlier, the BCB was planning to hold a T20 series besides Tests. However, the hosts will play all three Tests against visiting Bangladesh. The Tests include in the ICC Test Championships.

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Bangladesh may fly to Sri Lanka at the end of September to play three Tests in October and November. Mominul Haque’s team will practice before going to Sri Lanka.

However, Tiger cricketers will not have to be in quarantine for the upcoming tour of Sri Lanka. Basically, the BCB wants not to waste quarantine time. But thinking of everyone’s safety, they will not come in contact with the opposing camp for some time. Before and after leaving the country, the coronavirus test will be held in stages.

BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury said,

“We’ve already talked about the precautionary measures of coronavirus with the Sri Lanka Cricket Board. They said that according to the rules, cricketers from Bangladesh have to take a negative report of the corona test. After that, everyone will have to go to Sri Lanka and have another corona test on an emergency basis.”

“If that report is negative, the cricketers will be able to start training. They do not have to be in isolation for 14 or 7 days. However, the practice will be done by the Bangladesh team alone. No Sri Lankan will be there.”

The series under discussion between the two boards will be finalized today. It is learned that Bangladesh will fly to Sri Lanka at the end of September. The first of the three-match Test series will be played after October 15. The BCB does not want to waste time quarantining Tiger cricketers who will leave the country 20-25 days ago due to caution.

“I didn’t really want to sit for 14 days,” said Akram Khan, head of the cricket management department. “This is being discussed. However, as a precaution, we are visiting Lanka 20 to 25 days in advance. Even if we go there, we all have to take the corona test.”

“Those who come positive will be sent to isolation. But we will go to Sri Lanka with full confidence from here. Cricketers don’t have to spend a long time sitting there. Arrangements will be made to fill the gap by practicing,” added Akram Khan.

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