BCB hopeful of arranging Bangabandhu T20 tournament within schedule

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) stated they are hoping to organize the newly modeled Bangabandhu T20 tournament as per schedule.



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The regular arrangement of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) was ruined for this season after the authorities went to a total fall-out with the franchises and decided to go for an alternative package.

BPL technical committee chairman and member of BPL governing council Jalal Yunus said they are strongly hopeful to start the Bangabandhu T20 tournament within the scheduled time despite uncertainties.

“We have strong intentions to start the special BPL on December 6. The BCB is already working with the ambition to meet the schedule.

“The CEO and different managers of the board have been involved to prepare the structure in order to execute the tournament. They are, at the moment, doing the homework. President has taken the charge to organize the tournament this year,” he added.

Mr. Yunus also commented that they would come to a decision within a week from now on.

“Once the paper work is done, we can move on to the execution of the tournament. The board president is well informed on the progress. Most possibly, within a week, we can come to decisions,” he said.

The financial whereabouts of the arrangement has also turned to be a big concern for the authority as they failed to bring any of the BPL franchises as sponsors.

Mr. Yunus therefore, said the authority will sit with the interested parties for bringing sponsorship into the tournament.

“Soon, the plans will be set and we will sit with the companies that have shown interest to be team sponsors,” Jalal said.

As per reports revealed Akhtar Group and Tiger IT are only interested parties to sponsor the competition.

“The sponsors are participating in the tournament based on a floor price. The expenses of running a team will be more. So many things are to be decided in meetings with these sponsors. We will have to see if the board will contribute financially for the teams and how it can be done,” Jalal said.  

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