BCB keen to provide scope to the players to prove themselves

Although , Bangladesh are doing well in the shorter format, but the team management is dissatisfied with the performance in the longer version as there is still lack of continuity regarding individual and team performance. For this reason , it is often seen that the team management turns around and tests players in every series. This time the board is keen to provide time to test the talents of the cricketers.

BCB keen to provide scope to the players to prove themselves

Bangladesh has achieved a little in the longest format as there is lack of continuous individual and team performance. The board has to introduce the youngster rapidly as they are failing to shine for long time. The story of despair and frustration is same at the end of almost every series. With the passage of time, the preparation of a new series, someone gets fatigue which influence the performance.

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It is often seen that , a player gets chance in the team, dropped out of the team in the next match again! It is speculated that the team management are trying to made them cope up with the format and Bangladesh Cricket Board wants to give the players a chance to prove and flourish their talents. Chief selector Minhazul Abedin Nannu has said so ahead of his upcoming tour of Sri Lanka. Nannu said,

“We are coming with providing more time to the players. I will give them scope again. If you don’t give a little time to someone who has talent, it becomes difficult to see the talent in the long run. If the players have confidence, if there is trust in it, if they can play with responsibility, it will be good for the country. It will also be good for his own career.”

Meanwhile, the national team players continued to prepare themselves for the tour of Sri Lanka. If everything gets on board , the team will match to Sri Lanka within couple of days.

Akram Khan, head of the BCB’s cricket management department, said,

“The coaches were supposed to come on the 2nd day. Since the flight has been canceled, I hope they will arrive on the 7th. They performed the COVID-19 test in South Africa because they were supposed to come 2nd September. Now as the date has backwarded again on the 4th, they will have to test again.”

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