BCB responds to the criticism of bad outfield

​Shere-e-Bangla National cricket stadium, a ground which is praised in the cricket world for its outfield and drainage system has recently been criticized by Cricket Australia. 

They have complained that the outfield was very poor in the first test match that happened at the Shere-e-Bangla National cricket stadium. 

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BCB responded to the criticism and said bad weather conditions was the reason behind it. BCB chief executive Nizam Uddin Chowdhury said on Monday if the weather conditions weren’t bad it would have not happened. 

He said: “You all know in the last 4-5 months it rained a lot and it was challenging for us to prepare the field. Still we tried our best. We think the ground community worked very hard.”

When asked if there was shortage of preparations, the chief executive said: “I do not think there was any shortage of preparations. This is because of hostile weather. They complained only about the grass. Other aspects were okay. So I would not say that that we were short of preparation.”

He added: “There is a provision for ICC to submit a report by the match referee after the end of International match. If there is an complain about outfield or pitch, then the host country have to give an explanation. We have already given a report to ICC. What they said in reply is still not known.”

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