BCCI in sharp dilemma about IPL 2019 venue

The country wide general election in India put forth the question of where to stage the 2019 Indian Premier League.

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The auction date and venue as well as the number of cricketers registered for the event have been released by the Board of Control for Cricket in India although the decision regarding the venue of the 12th edition of IPL is yet to be taken.

The mega tournament is expected to set forth in some date around mid-March in the coming year due to country wide general election and with the World Cup scheduled to start from May 30.

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All the phenomenon evoked unsolved dilemma for BCCI about the possible venue of the competition and whether it will be taken place at home or away.

Twice earlier in 2009 and 2014, the tournament was held back in South Africa and United Arab Emirates when schedule of general election clashed with IPL fixture. It is reported both South Africa and UAE are eager to grab the chance this time as well.

However, a BCCI source quoted by Cricbuzz said it’s the government call to keep IPL in India.

“It is the central government’s call to take and there’s no written word yet. Unofficially, and it’s only hearsay still, the government will want the IPL to stay in India,” the BCCI source said.

Times of India reported that Star India, the official broadcaster of IPL, who spent a massive sum of more than INR 16000 crore to gain the rights is not keen on the possibility of IPL being hosted outside India.

“They have a lot at stake and it is only fair that they will want the IPL to be played in India, to maximize their revenue streams,” say industry sources.

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