BCSA condemns assault of Bangladeshi supporters in Sri Lanka

Bangladesh Cricket Supporters Association (BCSA) has explicitly condemned the aggression of Sri Lankan cricket supporters in the gallery after the virtual semi-final contest between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka when Bangladesh iconic supporter Shoaib Ali Bukhari and others were physically assaulted by the Sri Lankan.

BCSA condemns assault of Bangladeshi supporters in Sri Lanka

In a statement on Sunday, it is said on behalf of BCSA, “We strongly condemn the harassment and physical abuse of iconic Bangladeshi cricket fan Shoaib Ali Bukhari and Bulu Chandra Ghosh by a segment of Sri Lankan supporters after the match where Bangladesh ensured their spot in the Nidahas Trophy 2018 final. We also reproach the role of the Sri Lankan police as the incident took place.”

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BCSA, therefore, appreciated the general people’s approach towards Bangladeshi supporters saying, “As you are aware, a 10-member unit of Bangladesh Cricket Supporters Association (BCSA) has arrived Sri Lanka to support their team. This is the second tour of a BCSA team in Sri Lanka. Mostly we have been greeted with warm reception by Sri Lankan supporters at all level. Even in the first match when the police did not allow us to carry our flag to the stand, an officer of Cricket Sri Lanka assisted us to collect it and stayed with us until we took our place in the gallery.”

“However, a group of Sri Lankan supporters in a drunken state behaved very rudely to some of the BCSA members. But we felt it would be unfair to judge all Sri Lankan supporters through the act of a small group,” it further stated.

The statement then further described the incident of physical abuse after the last match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh saying, “However, during the second match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the unruliness of Sri Lankan supporters heightened alarmingly as they constantly bullied the Bangladeshi counterparts. Beer cans were even thrown at them. But it crossed all limits when Shoaib Ali and Bulu Chandra were physically abused at the end of the match. We simply cannot accept such treatment of our iconic fan when we did our best to assist the Sri Lankan iconic fans Gayan Senanayake and Mohammad Nilam to receive Bangladeshi visas through sending invitation letter during their time to visit Bangladesh.”

“We have informed the unfortunate matter to Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and requested them to ensure the safety of Bangladeshi supporters during the final match of the tournament. We have been informed by the BCB that they are communicating with Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) regarding this.”

Stating about the role of supporters on and off the field, BCSA statement said, “It is notable that the act of a handful supporters can impact negatively on the image of a whole fan base of a country. Our Bangladeshi cricket fans carry great reputation throughout the world. We would act so that we can keep the good image and would respect all visiting foreign supporters in the future.”

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