BPL= Bangladesh Pain League?


Is Bangladesh Cricket undergoing the most difficult time? It might be a million or even billion dollar question flying around . But, there mightn’t be a much of dispute that, this is for the first time Bangladesh cricket is being headlined for something bad which is hardly related to the field cricket. Yes, Bangladesh has always been in talk for its inconsistent performance in the cricket field. It was even said that Bangladesh is taking too much time to establish itself in the elite arena of cricket than others.  But the performances in the recent couple of series had literally shut the mouths of the critics.

But, when the critics were almost stopped by the performance of the ‘Bengal Tigers’, one of the tigers who was literally eminent for his habit of preying stronger opponents, let them open up their mouths again. Apparently yes, it’s Mohammad Ashraful. He was the first guy who for his deed became the part of a real important quiz in cricket, ‘Who is the youngest cricketer to make a century in his debut test?’ But now the situation is like,whether he is going to be remembered for this quiz or any wrong reason. There are so many talks around and about him these days. And as usual, there had been kind of a grouping as well, one of whom are greatly supporting Ash and other group is just thinking to ‘smash’ him if he is available. There is another group who are just hoping to get rid of the topic as soon as possible for the sake of Bangladesh cricket.

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It’s understandable that Ashraful is a public image. That’s why he and his deeds are getting more publicized and much of the talks and rumors are circled around him. And more importantly, what he did (if true) is definitely unforgivable. Every time any Bangladeshi fan sits to watch a cricket match of Bangladesh he would expect that, every player would fight with their highest strengths. But while they find someone to do deception with their expectation and mocking at their ‘cricket fever’ this is not something they would deserve. But the thing is, even if we consider Mohammad Ashraful to be guilty this doesn’t actually mean that someone who has been greatly suspected to pressurize Ashraful won’t undergo any kind of  pressure that ‘Ash’ is going through. Bangladesh has a kind of a tradition of not getting the big guns under legitimacy and apparently, those ‘match fixing’ staff came to talk while the ‘big guns’ like the Dhaka Gladiator owner got involved in cricket. It has been said by the cricket analyzers that, Bangladesh being so much corrupted as a country never being questioned for unfairness in cricket until BPL had appeared. They are also asking a question to BCB whether a developing country like Bangladesh (In both cricketing and economic terms) does really need this tournament. BCB has to tussle with a big question ‘Is BPL equivalent to Bangladesh Pain League?’

written by Mizan Rahman