Can’t describe what is going inside us: Mahmudullah

Bangladesh’s stand-in Test captain Mahmudullah Riyad said he was shocked to experience such a horrifying incident in a country like New Zealand.

Almost two days have been passed, but still, each and every member of the Bangladesh team are stunned and wondering how did that happen and how thay survived.  Neither Bangladesh’s stand-in captain Mahmudullah can’t believe that because of his 3-4 minutes delay, he and his men survived from the deadly terror attack.

After reaching home safely, Mahmudullah and the BCB Nazmul Hassan Papon addressed the media. The stand-in captain feels they were very lucky to survive. However, the incident is still haunting them all day long.

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“I cannot describe what is going inside us, what we have seen. The only thing I can say is that we are very lucky. With all of your prayers, our family members’ prayers, parents’ prayers now we could return here alive. This incident was very unexpected, none had expected this. I could not describe that scene. I, personally, and all of us in the team could not sleep properly,” the skipper said.

Meanwhile, the BCB President insisted the players to not think about cricket at the moment and to spend some time with their family members.

“They went through a really hard time. The moment I had spoken with them I realised what kind of phase they are passing (through) mentally and all of them look to be tired after 22 hours followed by the sleepless night they had spent over there.”

“We are happy that they returned home safe while we don’t have anything to tell them apart from asking them to go back to their family and spend time with them in the manner that they feel comfortable. We asked them to contact us when everything is cooled down. You don’t need to think about cricket at the moment and just concentrate on spending time with your family [as that is expected to heal their wounds]. If you need any help we are there for you,” he concluded.

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