Cricketers and ghosts threat in England

The game cricket has many interesting incidents associated with it off the field. When it comes to off the field, obviously cricketers will be the major element there. Off the field, events are always interesting to see.

Among them, ghosts attack is one interesting topic which is related to off the field incidents around the game. Still, there is nothing clear cut about the existence of ghosts. But all around the world, there are many dilemmas being talked about ghosts. Let’s see some cricketers who experienced some issues like ghost attacks in England.

Sourav Ganguly

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tigers can put up better fight than proteas ganguly

The former Indian skipper faced an incident like Ghost attack in 2002 when India toured England. Sourav Ganguly heard some water dropping sounds in the restroom when he went for sleep after switching off the lights. When he went to the restroom after hearing the sound, there was nothing there and all the taps were closed. Again after he returned to sleep, he heard the same sound there.

On this incident, Ganguly said, “I got up, switched on the lights and went to turn off the water. The taps were already off. I thought I must have dreamt it or heard it from another room. I went back to bed, making sure everything was turned off and the place was quiet, then fell back asleep.

I jumped out of bed and ran out… I was terrified and went to Robin Singh’s room, knocked on his door and asked if I could come in and stay in his room. I was the captain, so I couldn’t tell him I was scared and was worried about the ghosts, could I? Then I told him the floor would be fine and he was very kind to let me stay.”

West Indies

West Indies in England in 2004

This is another interesting thing that happened in the same location where the former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly experienced the issue.

The former Indian captain never wanted to stay in the same hotel after the incident and he and his teammates omitted the hotel in the next tours, But the irony is Australia and West Indies stayed in the same hotel. West Indies experienced the same kind of problem in 2004 and immediately they were shifted to another hotel in Durham.

Shane Watson

Watson rules out of BPL

Years may pass, but the issue continued in England in 2005 too. This time it was Australian all-rounder Shane Watson who feared a ghost attack in an ancient Durham hotel named Lumley Castle.

The all-rounder said that he was feared by the ghosts in a night and he had to sleep in Brett Lee’s room on the same night after the incident. Australian manager at the time also claimed the same issue. “I saw ghosts. I swear I’m telling the truth,” the manager quoted.

The incidents are still continuing to date. Even English players also experienced some issues in recent times. Stuart Broad claimed the same tap incident as Sourav Ganguly in 2014. Ben Stokes also had some sleeping problems in a specific hotel. Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni claimed that he saw a mysterious shadow inside the hotel during India’s tour of England in 2014.




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