DPL not before May-June, format may change

Although Bangladesh is back in full swing in international cricket, the Dhaka Premier League (DPL) will not start soon. This 12-team tournament will be definitely not being played before next May-June, even if it is played on the field, the format may change.

DPL not before May-June, format may change

A round of DPL rolled on the field just before everything came to a standstill due to coronavirus. The Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolis (CCDM) wants to complete that 2019-20 season first. In that case, if necessary, the rest of the matches will be converted into T20 format instead of ODI format.

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After a meeting with the board officials about launching the Premier League, CCDM chairman Kazi Inam Ahmed told the media, “We have discussed how to launch the Premier League again. First of all, the board has given importance to ensuring the safety of the players and the league concerned.

“We have done 3-team ODI tournament, 5-team T20 tournament. But it is difficult to do in the Premier League. Because there are 12 teams. Discussions have taken place on how to manage the teams. Since the vaccine has arrived, hopefully we will be able to vaccinate the players soon. Then everyone including the players will be protected.”

It is certain that the Premier League is not playing on the field before the vaccination. However, the Football Federation has kept the country’s top league in the field keeping in mind the fears of Corona. The CCDM president, however, is thinking of himself without finding an example in other organizations. “It’s up to them to decide what the other federations are doing. We respect their decision,” he said.

“There are long-term plans. However, discussions have been held on how to complete the suspended league. After almost 3 years, everyone of the national team is playing in DPL. They are now busy in the international game again. It is difficult to make a tournament without them. There are some teams who can’t make the XI without the national team cricketers. You can’t even change teams in the middle of the tournament,” he added.

“All in all, we are trying to come up with a schedule. Unfortunately, we can’t do it before May-June. If we get 25-30 days, it can be arranged on May-June. We will sit with the clubs about this. If the format also needs to be changed, we will consider doing it in T20 format. We are thinking about all the possibilities,” he concluded.

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