Ebadot Hossain: The thing to adapt here is to bowl intelligently

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Saif AL Imam Shota

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Fast bowler Ebadot Hossain, who has been a regular part of the Test team of Bangladesh, impressed in his ODI debut as well. This has led to him being selected for the 17 man squad of Bangladesh for the Asia Cup. 
Ebadot quotes, "Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah. You see in Tests we have to bowl all day but T20 is a shorter format. The thing to adapt here is to bowl intelligently, as the wicket will be good, the batsmen will be aggressive. So I think the main thing is to calculate."
When asked about the hot conditions of UAE, Edabot velieves the conditions will not be an issue. The pacer says, "The heat is no excuse, our country is also very hot. The heat doesn't seem like a factor to me. The wicket will be good there, you have to bowl wisely."
Ebadot adds, "If we bowlers can restrict the runs then it becomes easier for our batsmen. Everyone will have extra responsibility, be it the batter or the bowler. We will all try together."
Finally, Ebadot says, "I think trying is one thing and showing up is another. From my life I will try to finish this thing, I will do it, we will do it In Sha Allah. If we are not playing well as a team, it does not mean that we cannot play T20. We will become a good team in the near future, In sha Allah. Please pray for us."