Everyone celebrated all night, but I couldn’t do much for pain- Emon

When captain Akbar Ali’s determination to win the World Cup was right in the face of everyone, Parvez Hossain Emon’s unbeaten innings came as blessings. In potchefstroom, it seemed as if Emon’s innings was stopped there when he had to retire hurt for injury.

Everyone celebrated all night, but I couldn't do much for pain- Emon

But just didn’t care about the pain as he stood up. He went down for batting after taking pain killers. He also accompanied the captain. The highest individual run of Bangladesh innings came from his bat. The opener also played a big role in establishing the winning base.

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Emon could not hold back during the disaster in Bangladesh’s innings. When Avishek Das returned in team’s scorecard at 102/6, there was no recognized batsman in the team. And still they needed 76 more runs to win the match.

Immediately after taking the pain killers and swallowed the chest, he fell down on the ground to fight alongside the captain. And he also played a big role in winning the World Cup for the first time. And about this innings, he told an Indian media, “This is the best innings of my life. I could not do fifty. But there was no disappointment. It is great to see the contribution I have made to the country in winning the World Cup.”

Emon had been the second highest run-scorer in the Youth World Cup for Bangladesh. And the highest scorer for the Tigers in the final. Even he didn’t score a half-century, yet it was the best innings of his career for Emon. Judging by the circumstances in which Emon played this innings was more important than scoring a century in any other match.

About the pain after feeling a tension in his leg, Emon said,

“From the time I was batting at 15-run, I understood the pain of the foot. However, after 25 runs I could not bear it so I fell on the field. I thought if I rest half an hour, I might bat later. And after that it was started going wicket one by one, then I could not sit in the dug out. I went for the bat despite the pain.”

“Bishnoi was bowling great. But he was bothering me too. I did not reply. I’m lucky I survived that time. Because of the cramps in the foot, I could not play the shot exactly. There was a lot of difficulty in running. But I was telling myself, I have to. Such opportunities will not be available again and again,” Emon added.

In the end, Emon got out after scoring a fighting 47-run innings. Emon’s fiery innings earned praise. Especially when he was out by Jaiswal and leaving the field, he could not walk.

Bangladesh won by 3 wickets in the end with Akbar Ali’s heroics. Emon could not join in the festivities like others at the festival. He said, “Everyone rushed to the field. I was still in pain. I sat in the dressing room. Everyone celebrated the win all night. I couldn’t do much for a foot cramp.”

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