Fan abuses Dhawan’s son calling ‘black’, his wife slams with strong reply

Anti-apartheid movements have gained new momentum around the world since the killing of blacks in America. People from all walks of life are joining this movement. The world of sports was not left out either.

Fan abuses Dhawan's son calling 'black', his wife slams with strong reply

West Indies cricketer Darren Sammy, Chris Gayle have already opened their mouths about how they had to be victims of racism. But this time the family of Shikhar Dhawan, the established star of India, has to be the victim of racism. Which has left a mess in the world of sports.

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Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Aesha Dhawan alleges that their son Zoravar has been the victim of racism in many cases. Even netizens have made hateful comments on his pictures. Which is ridiculous. Shikhar Dhawan’s wife gave such an example on Monday.

Aesha shared a screenshot of her Instagram handle that day. In the screenshot, a comment calling Shikhar Dhawan’s son Zoravar ‘black’ can be seen. The comment targeted the Shikhar Dhawan family, and read “Zorabar Son, you are black, you will remain black.”

“Amazes me that people are so concerned about skin colour. If a person is brown, black, white or yellow what does it matter? Funny thing to me is that certain people that are Indian have a problem with skin colour when logically and biologically brown skin is very normal in those parts of the world,”

Aesha wrote.

“It’s like you are only denying your self. And another thing is that the more you deny your reality the more you are suffering. I own myself completely and so do my kids,” she added. The post shared by her has been deleted now.

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