Four more teams could be added in ICC World T20

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is considering increasing the number of participating teams in the ICC World T20 to 20. UK based Telegraph Sport revealed the news on Sunday (January 12).

West Indies World T20 Champions
Four more teams could be added in ICC World T20 from 2024.

The upcoming edition of the ICC World T20 2020 to be held in Australia this July will have 16 teams. But ICC is currently mulling over increasing this number. It is understood that this considerations is a part of broader discussions for the shape of international cricket calendar from 2023-2031.

The first World T20 for men in this cycle is scheduled for 2024, which suggests that the ICC World T20 2024 might be the first edition of the tournament to use a new 20-team format.

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If the World T20 is really turned into a 20-team format, one way to go would be to have all 20 teams enter at the same stage, meaning there will be a simple format of four groups of five teams at the initial stage. Again, there could also be a two-tier format, one that is being used at the moment as well.

As per ICC, T20 format is the best way to globalise cricket. While Basketball World Cup now comprises 32 teams and the Football World Cup will expand to 48 teams from 2026, it comes as no surprise that ICC is also trying to keep pace by expanding the World T20.

If the 20-team format is really applied, it will significantly increase the prospects of the USA featuring in the competition. US market is one ICC has been desperately targeting in recent years. It will also create better chances for teams like Canada and Germany to come up in the world stage of this particular sport.

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