‘Furious’ Shakib’s wife breaks silence on photoshoot incident

Shakib Al Hasan didn’t attend Bangladesh’s official pre-World Cup photograph session on Monday and it didn’t go too well for the all-rounder since then. [Read in Bangla: সাংবাদিকদের একহাত নিলেন শিশির]

World Cup 2019
With Bangladesh set to leave for Ireland on Wednesday, the team has already taken part in the official pre-World Cup photograph session where all the members of the World Cup squad, coaching staff and selection panel members were present except Shakib Al Hasan.

Shakib was present at the ground but had left before the World Cup-bound squad posed for the official picture and he has been heavily criticized by the media since then. And it came into the spotlight more after the BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon said this is disappointing.

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“It is disappointing, what else can I say? “I said to him to come to the ground. He said he had already left. I asked everyone here, and they said Shakib was informed of the photo session. He didn’t turn up for training but we hoped for his presence in the photo session. But he wasn’t here,” BCB president said.

Despite getting criticized, Shakib didn’t respond to any to it. However, his wife took the stand against him on Tuesday and posted a status from her personal Facebook account where she clarified everything and requested the media to stop bothering the all-rounder.

Sakib Ummey Al Hasan’s facebook status:

“I really have nothing to say about the journalists why they have so much hatred against Shakib Al Hasan I think it’s actually our fault we failed to invite them over for dinner or lunch to butter them chat with them for hours or give them inside news. Shakib worked really hard in his life to get here lived by himself since his childhood in bksp where he only focused on cricket he didn’t learn to act and play with people’s sympathy that’s one thing he should’ve learned I guess! Maybe that’s why he’s not so much of a positive person. Anyways He doesn’t like to show off his good deeds to make people happy and live on people’s interest.

Now the topic is why wasn’t he in the World Cup photo session first of all it is his miss but he did not do that on purpose he has misread the message that was sent! And he apologised to the officials, sorry we didn’t make any videos to prove! Second topic channel24 the show beyond the gallery put up a show with 2 journalists strictly to put him down saying many absurd things one of the many is that “he’s doing this to gain fame” are bhai if I’m not wrong that’s the last thing he needs. Maybe it’s the other way around maybe you wanna gain fame by talking negative because business wise that’s profitable and for your profile also! Now if it’s about his behaviour ask any player how he is personally and internally out field and on field! World Cup is in near future let him be there are many other things I think is going on for you to talk about!”

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