Ganguly in cricket field again!

Five years have passed since the official retirement from cricket and the removal of the bat-pad. In the meantime, Sourav Ganguly became a full-fledged cricket organizer. Now he is the president of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Ganguly in cricket field again!

But what if that Sourav hits a six with the bat again? That moment is going to come again for Sourav’s fans. However, they will no longer be able to watch the scene of Sourav hitting a six in the field. They must see in the silver screen.

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However, Tollywood director Shibopropsad Mukherjee is bringing Sourav to the field to play cricket. Nandita Roy is with him. India’s one of the best in 22 yards and two famous producers-directors of Tollywood together in Kolkata field! What is the reason?

Shiboporasd and Nandita teamed up with Sourav to shoot an advertisement. What happens next, no matter how violent the lights, the camera, the action on the set, the bat and the ball, will it ever happen? Then the BCCI president hit a six on the ground in Kolkata. Meanwhile, there was a flood of applause on the shooting floor when they saw Dada hitting sixes.

Two directors Shiboporasd and Nandita are full of praise for Sourav. As a director they always have their eyes on the background screen on set. Both are about picky shots. And even in this ad shoot, he got Dada as a picky pair. He is a professional, as well as a perfectionist. Then Sourav laughed and played the ad shoot.

In addition to the pink-ball Test, Dada was also heard talking about the rising graph of women’s cricket. Sourav commented,

“Women’s cricket is relatively advanced. It will go further in the future and over time it will become as important as men’s cricket.”

It doesn’t take much time to shoot an advertisement. As a result, Sourav landed on the floor again holding the advertisement shoot in the post lockdown episode. In addition to cricket, there are indications that he also keeps updated with the news of cinema world when Sourav praised several recent pictures of Shiboporasd and Nandita.

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