Harbhajan’s relation with Afridi becomes ‘close chapter’

A few days ago, Shahid Afridi was much praised to come forward to help the victims in coronavirus. Even the former Pakistani all-rounder was joined by two former Indian cricket stars, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh. But what happened that Harbhajan had to announce his severance from Afridi?

Harbhajan's relation with Afridi becomes 'close chapter'

The incident has started with a comment from Afridi. During his visit to Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, Afridi made controversial remarks about India and the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His controversial remarks this time around have sparked a storm of criticism in India.

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The video shows Afridi addressing troops at an army camp in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Afridi said, “The whole world is now suffering from a terrible disease (COVID-19). But the biggest disease seems to be Modi (Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi). And that disease is the disease of religion. He is in power using religion. And he continues to persecute our Kashmiri brothers. He will have to give the answer in this world and in the hereafter.”

Meanwhile, Yuvraj and Harbhajan have also come under fire for the controversial remarks made by the former Pakistan captain. Because both of them had recently extended a helping hand to the initiative of Shahid Afridi Foundation for the victims in coronavirus.

“It is very disappointing that Harbhajan has made controversial remarks about our country and our Prime Minister,” an angry Harbhajan told India Today. “This is not acceptable at all”.

Meanwhile, in response to criticism about him, the former Indian off-spinner said, “Honestly, he (Afridi) called for standing by his charity. With good thinking we have helped humanity and to stand by the victims. Even our Prime Minister has said that the coronavirus war has crossed borders, religion and caste. As a result, we were clear about the purpose of our preaching work, that it was only to help those in danger.

“But this man (Afridi) is talking nonsense about our country,” Harbhajan said angrily. “I just want to say that we have no connection with Afridi’s remarks. He has no right to speak badly about our country. He should stay with his country and not cross the border.”

Harbhajan and Yuvraj’s patriotism is also being questioned for supporting the former Pakistan captain’s foundation. In response, the spinner, who took 417 wickets in 100 Tests, said, “I was born in this country and I will die in this country. I have played for this country for 20 years and won many matches for India. No one can say that I have done anything anti-national. Today or in the future, if our country has any need, even at the border, I will take up arms in the interest of the country first.”

And regarding his relationship with Afridi, Harbhajan directly called it a ‘close chapter’.

“A man asked me to call on him for the sake of humanity, I did my best. That’s it. I have no relationship with Shahid Afridi from now on,”

said Harbhajan.

Meanwhile, Gautam Gambhir, the ‘eternal enemy’, did not remain silent after Afridi’s remarks. In a tweet, the former Indian captain wrote, “Pak has 7 lakh force backed by 20 Cr ppl says 16 yr old man Shahid Afridi. Yet begging for Kashmir for 70 yrs.

The former Indian opener added, “Jokers like Afridi, Imran (Pakistan’s prime minister) & Bajwa (Pakistan’s army chief) can spew venom against India & PM Narendra Modi ji to fool Pak ppl but won’t get Kashmir till judgment day! Remember Bangladesh?”

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