I was the first to congratulate Tamim – Rakibul Hasan

Rakibul Hasan and Tamim Iqbal are playing together since the start of their career. They played together in Under-19s in 2006. Then they played for the national team for several days. So how good is Tamim, what can he afford, Rakibul knows very well.

I was the first to congratulate Tamim - Rakibul Hasan

Rakibul thought that what Tamim had done was something of a quality batsman. Tamim didn’t just stop by scoring triple century, and he also threw his friend Rakibul behind. Because Rakibul was the record-holder of the highest individual innings in first class cricket of Bangladesh. Tamim broke his 313 runs record and created a history by scoring an unbeaten 334 runs.

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Rakibul had been much happy about the achievement of his friend. Regarding the record-breaking Tamim, he said,

“I was the first to congratulate. You know, we played under-19s together. Our journey started together from under-17s. Tamim is one of my best friends since then. I feel very delighted about his achievement.”

Appreciating the innings of Tamim, Rakibul said that Tamim could be such an outstanding contender of this innings. His merits, values ​​and castes demanded it. “All of you are witnesses, the way Tamim played today, he deserved a triple century,” said Rakibul.

Till now, the record was only in Rakibul’s hand. But now that triple century feat had been shared. It was not uncommon to feel bad about this. However, Rakibul felt that since he had been the first triple centurion of first class cricket among Bangladeshi batsmen, his name would be spoken first. And his name would be in the record book first.

In the words of Rakibul, “As a cricketer, it seems that my record will be at the top. If you think about it, I feel a little different.”

“In Sporting Mind, a player like Tamim, who broke it, it feels like special in other scense,” said Rakibul, who praised Tamim much about his innings.

“Tamim is such a classy and world-class batsman, so the record suits much with his name. Like I said you all see how well he played in that innings. It’s Tremendous.”

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