ICC International panel umpire on tree trunk in coronavirus lockdown

The whole of India is in lockdown till April 15 due to the pandemic coronavirus. Everyone is passing their time according to their own interest in these lockdown days.

ICC International panel umpire on the tree trunk in coronavirus lockdown

However, the condition of India’s international umpire Anil Chaudhary is probably different. He had to get up on the tree to talk on mobile.

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If situation went well, he would have been the official umpire in the India-South Africa ODI series. The first of a three-match ODI series between India and South Africa was held in Dharamshala in March 12. Which became abandoned due to rain.

ICC International panel umpire on the tree trunk in coronavirus lockdown

The second and third matches were in Lucknow (March 15) and Kolkata (March 18), respectively. But because of the panic over the coronavirus, the board of two countries decided to cancel the next two ODIs of the series.

So as the series canceled, umpire Anil returned to his ancestral home in Dangrol village in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh on March 16. He wished to spend a week there. Only then the lockdown happened. As a result, he could not return home to Delhi.

In Anil’s own words, “The hassle of the mobile network here is very bad. So, to get network, we have to go out of the village and get up on the trees. Or getting up on the roof. I can’t talk to anyone on the phone.”

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