ICC look forward to capitalize T10 cricket

On Thursday, International Cricket Council (ICC) are going to discuss a global strategy plan with Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Supreme Court Appointed Administration committee where capitalization of the game outside the Indian finance are to be given greater importance.

In another segment of discussion, ICC are tend to emphasize on shorter shapes of the game, the latest one has recently been advocated by the ECB, the T10 cricket.

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In their words, “cricket as a sport should continue to capitalize on shortened format opportunities like T10”.

They state that cricket is “not a truly global sport – heavy dependence on revenues and fans from India” and further add that “Lack of aggressive expansion/growth strategy to counter overreliance on India.”

Therefore, International Cricket Council (ICC) want to enable new technologies to help “provide new and engaging ways to view, consume, engage with, innovate and monetize the sport”. ICC seems keen on E-sports/ gaming and believe it would “drive new fans”.

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