I’m a CR7 sort of person, but I like Messi: Shakib

Shakib Al Hasan is one of the best players in the world of cricket. The all rounder compared himself with the best duo in the world of football. Shakib is a fan of Argentina, Barcelona and Lionel Messi. But despite being a fan of Messi, Shakib claims to be like Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a recent interview with cricket-based media Cricinfo, Shakib made a simple confession in this regard. The Bangladeshi all-rounder also explained why he thinks of himself as Ronaldo.

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“He (Messi) is (my inspiration). I don’t follow him off the field though, because he hardly talks to the media. In the recent past, he only started saying a few things, but you know, even two-three years back, I never saw him spoke anything to the media. It’s only now in last two-three years he’s been a bit more vocal. Ronaldo is the guy who always speaks, you know, his heart out, whatever he wants,” said Shakib.

“I think I’m a CR7 sort of person, but I like Messi, it’s not that I hate Ronaldo, I think he’s amazing, in his age of 35, the way he’s performing is world-class, you know the way he’s fit, he can go on for another three-four years. Normally, a football player after 32-33, you know, their graph tend to go down, but those two guys, their graph is still going up, so you know it’s amazing.”

“So I follow both of them, I like Messi, the way he plays and presents himself on the field, but I think my character goes with Ronaldo more, more vocal, you know, outspoken, reaction on the field, those are Ronaldo kind of things that I normally do. Even Messi hardly shows his emotions on the ground, hardly you’ll see, Ronaldo, every game you’ll be able to see (emotions), I’m kind of a Ronaldo person but I like Messi.”

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