IPL 2020: Things couldn’t have gone worse for Nitish Rana

For 26-year-old Nitish Rana, things couldn’t have got worse. His team, the KKR, was struggling to find a spot in the playoffs in the ongoing IPL in the UAE.

IPL 2020: Things couldn't have gone worse for Nitish Rana

Personally, too, things have been going south for him… As if the three golden ducks in the last five matches weren’t bad enough for him, his wife, mother and mother-in-law have been found COVID-19 positive. His father-in-law, a cancer patient, breathed his last a few days back…

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“I haven’t met him since very long now but he’s mentally very strong but the tribute he paid for papa made him immortal, his wife Saachi, the co-founder of a designer studio and an interior designer by profession,”

said exclusively over the telephone from her mother’s house in Delhi, where she and her mother are quarantined, said.

In one of the recent matches in Abu Dhabi, the 26-year-old left-handed batsman dedicated his half-century to his deceased father-in-law Surinder Marwah.

“He’ll be back stronger,” she hopes.

Nitish Rana’s father, Darasingh Rana was obviously disappointed with son’s three golden ducks but ‘satisfied’ with his team’s win over Rajasthan Royals on Sunday.

“I watched the entire match but my wife (Satish Kumari) who has tested positive and isolating in the other room switched off the TV when Nitish got out first ball.”

On Sunday, Nitish took nearly 14 seconds for the DRS call. “Yes, he took such a long time for caught behind dismissal. Perhaps he may have thought the ball did not touch the bat. He even consulted his partner Shubman Gill, who too was not sure.”

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