MCC disapproves bamboo-made bats

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the governing body for laws of cricket, has announced that the use of bamboo bats would be illegal under the current laws.

MCC disapproves bamboo-made bats

A recent study at the University of Cambridge suggested that bamboo-made bats would be stiffer, harder and stronger than the ones of wood, but it would be brittle.

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But the Law 5.3.2 states that the blade of a bat should be made solely of wood. If it were to be made of bamboo (which is a grass), the law needs to be altered. There is also a ban of lamination of cricket bat in senior-level sport.

In a statement the MCC said that it works to maintaining the game between bat and ball balanced although sustainability is a relevant topic of the club.

“MCC’s role as Guardian of the Laws includes maintaining the balance between bat and ball, and any potential amendments to the Law would need to carefully take this into consideration, particularly the concept of the bat producing greater power. The Club has worked hard to ensure that bats aren’t too powerful, taking steps in 2008 and 2017 to limit the materials and the size of the bats for this purpose.

“Sustainability is a relevant topic for MCC and indeed cricket, and this angle of willow alternatives should also be considered. With the researchers stating that the most suitable types of bamboo grow abundantly across China and that low-cost production could make bamboo bats a viable and ethical alternative to willow, this could provide a pertinent angle for further research and the possibility of reducing the cost of producing bats in different areas of the world.”

MCC further stated that it would discuss the matter at the next Laws sub-committee meeting.

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