McCullum threatens culprit who spread false rumours about Nathan’s death

Former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, who is also the younger brother of Nathan McCullum was furious after hearing the fake rumors of his brother’s death and threatened the culprit via his Twitter. [Read in Bangla: মিথ্যা প্রচারকারীকে হুমকি দিলেন ব্রেন্ডন ম্যাককালাম]

It takes only a few seconds to spread a rumor and when it comes to any celebrity or a sportsperson, it becomes a worldwide news in the brink of an eye. And something similar happened on Saturday when someone spread the news that Nathan is dead.

It was said that Nathan Mccullum was died following some complications in the hospital and his wife officially announced the sad news to the media in the evening in New Zealand. And the news was spreading in a rapid-fire in social media.

However, it all came to an end when Nathan broke the silence and announced via his Twitter that it was a fake rumor.
He tweeted – “I am alive and kicking more than ever before. Not sure where this news has come from but this is fake. Love you all.”

But that did stop his younger brother from being furious as he threatened the person whoever has done it and promised to find out the person very soon. He also mentioned that he was on a flight back to New Zealand and the news gave him almost a heart attack.

We all hope that Brendon finds out the culprit soon and teaches a lesson so that everyone in the world refrain themselves from spreading fake news and hurt people’s emotions.

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