Mumbai’s ‘fancy’ arrangements for IPL including game-room, hairdresser

This time around, the cricket world is set to change even more with the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL). Last time champions Mumbai Indians have made some fancy decisions.

Mumbai's 'fancy' arrangements for IPL including game-room, hairdresser

They are creating a ‘recreational zone’ playground inside the hotel so that they do not suffer from the monotony of hotel confinement.

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Mumbai Indians will stay in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. They have already confirmed the hotel there. They are taking a completely different branch in this hotel. From ‘chefs’ to laundry, room service, all hotel staff- everything will be different for them. Even the list of those who will run team bus has been finalized and their quarantine season has already started. Mumbai’s fancy ‘game-room’ is being built inside this separate part of the hotel!

It will house everything from table tennis boards to billiards and snooker. Dart board is going to set-up. The reason for such a fancy plan is that the cricketers will have to stay in hotels due to the coronavirus. There is no way anyone can get out of the safety zone. You can’t let anyone from outside come to your hotel.

Even if there are relatives in the UAE, they cannot be visited or invited to their hotel. Being locked up in this hotel during a long visit of two and a half months can have a psychological effect. Boredom can come. Exhaustion can chase. That’s why it has been thought to have various entertainment arrangements in the hotel to keep the mood alive. A large conference room of the hotel is being converted into a ‘recreational center’. There will also be a giant screen. So that the members of the team can come and watch any movie as they wish. Many cricketers will go with their families. So on the day of rest in the middle of the game, the family can spend time watching a movie.

This is not the end. What will happen to haircuts to push cricketers to avoid infection? You can’t take the risk of getting your hair cut outside. What if? Even cricketers who are aware of hairstyles like Hardik Pandya or Lasith Malinga do not have to worry. Mumbai have decided, they will be accompanied by a hair dresser.

The last time the champions will leave Mumbai for Dubai on a chartered flight on August 18 or 19. That flight may have all these surprises. As the team of doctors will go with the team, so will the hair dresser. Again the question is, what will happen to the practice bowler going to Abu Dhabi? Having a local practice bowler there means there is a fear of breaking the safety net. There is also a risk of how to get rid of them. So Mumbai’s practice bowlers will also leave Mumbai on a chartered plane with them.

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