Mushfiqur’s BKSP days

Mushfiqur Rahim is one of the best batsman in Bangladesh ever produced. He holds the highest position in ICC ODI and Test ranking as a Bangladeshi batsman. His firm batting style led him to greatness. Nicely driven strikes and beauty batting display is the character of this wicket-keeper batsman.

Mushfiqur's BKSP days

He is on the top spot for couple of years. He has got this achievement by hard work and dedication. He has the reputation for the most hard working player in Bangladesh cricket.

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Mushfiqur was very hardworking from his early childhood when he started playing at Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishtan (BKSP). Nazmul Abedin Fahim, a veteran coach in Bangladesh watched over him from the time he started till today. He was asked how it feels to see a pupil shining bright in a live auction ceremony.

“It’s very impressive to see someone starting off at the age of 14 and now he is one of the leading batsman in the country as well as in the modern cricket. He has been playing for 15 years in the national team. Undoubtedly it’s a great achievement for him.

“But his journey was not as easy. Mushfiqur is a short heighted man, but when I saw him first, I assumed that the height won’t hinder him to flourish. I clearly remember, I told one my colleagues that this boy will play for national team one day.”

Talking about the dedication and perseverance of Mushfiqur, he said,

“The way he started to work hard on himself from the first day here (BKSP), the same level of hard working he is carrying on himself despite being an established batsman. This is mind of rare to me. He might take a break from working hard on himself for rest or refreshments, but he didn’t quit working hard to get better and better every single day.

“He thrives for greatness and that’s why he still continuing at the same pace. As far as I know, great names in modern cricket also seek for some rest but he is not that kind. He is the most hard working player I have ever seen.”

Many players often quit education being addicted to cricket and which ultimately led them to be a good cricketer. But Mushfiqur is different in this aspect. He has an equal level of perfection both in education and sports. He was very hardworking as he were in sports. The coach says,

“When Mushfiqur would go for camp in foreign countries or any competition, he used to carry his book to study at free time. He never missed anQ exam when he got chance. He maintained his study and cricket career both at the same time which is rare to be find. As a spectator I should give him 10 out of ten for everything”

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