Rameez Raja explains why Pakistan won’t win T20 World Cup

Former Pakistan skipper and current commentator Rameez Raja reckons that Pakistan doesn’t have all the tools and ingredients to aim for the T20 World Cup tournament. Rameez Raja also explained clearly why the national team doesn’t stand a chance to win the T20 World Cup with the current team they have.

Rameez Raja explains why Pakistan won't win T20 World Cup
Rameez Raja

Rameez Raja had pointed out that there are too many old players in the team at the moment which will obviously stop Pakistan from winning the tournament.

This shocking remark comes after the commentator had called on experienced all-rounders Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez to quit international cricket.

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The T20 World Cup tournament which Pakistan won back in the year 2009 is scheduled to take place in Australia from October to November.

“The talent dried up. The lockdown of cricket has been going on for the last 10 years or so. We saw the repercussions of that time as well. Our strategy was all over the place too. I still think that there is no clear cut strategy of what needs to be done,” Rameez Raja said in a YouTube video as quoted by Cricket Pakistan.

Rameez Raja said that Pakistan national cricket team is clueless in their approach and it is a huge doubt as to whether the Green Shirts are cut out for winning matches. Rameez Raja neither believes nor have faith in old players.

“They don’t know what needs to be done with the senior players or the junior players. You sometimes have to take difficult decisions in order to move forward, which is not happening. This creates confusion.

In order to fix it, you have to get rid of that confusion. We are also stuck with old players and think they will save us. I can’t fathom how we can win the T20 World Cup with old players. The past tells us that this can’t happen,” he added.

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