Remove T20 from international schedules: England coach

England national team coach Trevor Bayliss has asked to call off T20 cricket from international schedules to ease the burden of cricketers. He also warned about the probability of separation of the format from the longer version cricket in future.

Remove T20 from international schedules: England coach

As quoted by Sky Sports, Bayliss said, “I haven’t changed my opinion – I wouldn’t play T20 international cricket.”

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“If you want to play a World Cup every four years or so then maybe get the international teams to play six months before, but I’d just let the franchises play.

“I think [separate T20 coaches] is definitely the way it’s heading if we continue to put in so many games. There will be a blow-out with coaches,” he said.

England made a disappointed exit from the Trans – Tasman Tri series despite trashing New Zealand in a nail biting affair.

Bayliss, therefore, said, “It is quite obvious that [Australia’s] players have all come out of two months of T20 cricket, whereas both New Zealand and England have been playing other forms or, as is the case for some of our guys, sitting at home.”

“That was quite evident in the way that they played – they were up to speed with the T20 game.

“[Adil] was out of the Test team and wants to concentrate on his white-ball cricket. I think there will be more of those players – it’s just the nature of the beast and the way world cricket is going.

“In swimming you have a 1500m specialist and a 100m specialist. It’s the way it seems to be heading – only the best players are able to play in all three formats so if some guys want to concentrate on one form, so be it,” he added.

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