Rohit unfollows Anushka Sharma: reports

Widespread speculations of a potential rift between Indian skipper Virat Kohli and vice-captain Rohit Sharma have been making the headlines for a couple of weeks now. It is still not certain whether the atmosphere in the dressing room is friendly or toxic.

Rohit unfollows Anushka Sharma: reports
According to reports, Rohit unfollowed Anushka Sharma on Instagram.

CoA stated that the matter won’t be looked after unless Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma themselves come up with such issues.

Though Indian captain during his recent press conference clarified that there was no rift between players in the dressing room, Rohit Sharma’s recent activities on social media raised many eyebrows.

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According to reports in Mumbai Mirror, Rohit Sharma has unfollowed the Bollywood actress and Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma on microblogging Instagram platform. Rohit unfollowed captain Kohli long ago when the rumours of a rift between the two players started.

The report also went on to add that the rift between India’s two top batsmen started long ago.

“The problem between the two best batsmen started some years ago when Rohit and his opening partner Shikhar Dhawan left the management company that Virat is associated with. At the ICC World Cup 2019, everything appeared hunky-dory until the Indian team’s abrupt exit after the semis,” the report stated.

Previously, Team India’s bowling coach Bharat Arun highlighted that very few players were working as a team, and this may be the reason behind the widespread speculations. Bharat also added that the team does have some disagreements, but now it has been sorted out.

Arun, in a recent interview with the Sportstar, said, “It’s not that we agree on everything. We have our arguments and discussions on various aspects like the composition of the team and the strategy. Everyone voices his opinion. But at the end of the day, the other person’s view is respected and a collective decision is taken.”

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