Sabbir’s ‘only’ request to everyone

Bangladesh national team cricketer Sabbir Rahman has made ‘a request’ to the countrymen to fight coronavirus. In a recent message from his Instagram account, Sabbir has urged everyone to stay at home.

Sabbir's 'only' request to everyone

Sabbir’s request is for everyone to abide by the rules of lockdown. He believes Bangladesh will soon cope with the disaster and misery if everyone stays in their home following the government’s directive.

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“Hope you are well. Although now is not the time to be good. Yet I come to you with a request. Please stay home, don’t go out,”

Sabbir said.

At least for the well-being of loved ones and family, however, one should be aware of every rules and regulations. Because coronavirus is a contagious disease, it can quickly be transmitted from one body to another.

So, Sabbir’s request is, “Obey government guidelines. Please comply with the lockdown. Because if you are well, people in your home, family will be well. The whole country will be well. Hopefully we will try to stay home.”

Apart from this, Sabbir asked for blessings from all. He added, “Try to practice the religion. There is nothing more to say. Everyone will be well, aware and everyone will be blessed wherever they are. There will be a good day by overcoming the situation.”

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