Shahzad pressurized by ACB to return to Afghanistan

Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has asked the country’s top notch performer Mohammad Shahzad to come back in Afghanistan for residing permanently or he will be undergone through the risk of losing board’s central contract. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ ‘হয় দেশে ফেরো নয় বাদ পড়ো’]

Shahzad pressurized by ABC to return to Afghanistan

Besides that, Shahzad has been fined 300,000 Afghan rupees equivalent to USD $4000 for playing in one of the local tournaments in Peshawar where he resides, without prior permission.

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The ACB chairman Atif Mashal said, “They [contracted players] are not allowed to travel to any country without permission.”

“Those players who are living on foreign land are given a month to move back to Afghanistan with their families, otherwise the cricket board will terminate their contracts,” he said.

“Afghanistan Cricket Board has made a strict rule about player discipline and given them a one-month notice to adhere firmly with the policy. All players and employees should be based in Afghanistan and they are not allowed to play in any foreign country without ACB’s approval,” he added.

“He played in a club-level tournament without NOC which is against the ACB code of conduct,” Mashal said just two weeks after Shahzad won the man of the match award in the final of the World Cup qualifiers.

Having spent his early days of life in a refugee camp in Peshawar, 30 year old Mohammad Shahzad spent most of his days in Pakistan where he got married also.

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