Shakib’s mother tested COVID-19 positive

After Shakib Al Hasan’s father tested positive for coronavirus, it is now his mother Shirin Reza, who has been also tested positive. She is taking her treatment, staying at home in isolation.

Shakib's mother tested positive
After Shakib Al Hasan’s father tested positive, his mother Shirin Reza also went to undergo COVID-19 test. The report was published on Thursday and it was known that she is also tested positive.

She is now in home isolation and taking her treatment at home. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Saha , who is a surgeon in Magura confirmed the report. Shirin Reza went to undergo test on July 20.

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Earlier, Shakib’s father Mashrur Reza was tested positive. He is taking his treatment after the report came out on last Sunday.

Since the start of this pandemic, all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan helping people through his foundation and providing necessary things to the needy people. Despite being in USA, his foundation has been up and running. The foundation has helped thousands of people so far.

Shakib is staying alongside his wife, daughter and the new-born daughter in USA since the start of this pandemic. This is the first time the all-rounder has been staying in USA for so long. However, he is still running his foundation quite well from there and helping the needy people.

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Shakib’s father tested positive for covid-19