Smith and his side disappointed facing criticisms

australia slip to no.5 after bangladesh defeatThere is a huge difference between both the teams. No matter how good the confidence level of the Tigers is, the Aussies did not pay any attention to that before the first Test loss. [বাংলায় পড়ুন: ঘরের মাঠে বাংলাদেশকে খেলা কঠিন- লেম্যান]

But now there is no way without paying attention to the plans of Bangladesh because they are already 1-0 down.

However, the worst feeling is hearing all the criticisms against them from their homeland about their increased remuneration.

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Today Australian coach, Darren Lehman also agreed to the fact that the whole team is in disappointed after their loss against Bangladesh. although he did not forget to admit the potentials of the Tigers.

All the criticism that is going on about Smith and his side is hurting them the most. He said, “The way people are talking, the boys are very disappointed. But the thing is you have lost and you have to face it. It is not an easy matter to take a Test match loss to any side. However, it is quite difficult to face Bangladesh at home.”

9 months ago they went through the same situation after being nailed down by the Proteas. Back then, the Australian media didn’t leave any opportunity to drag them down. After all those, a huge change was brought to the squad which resulted in the victory of this side.

“We have a very young side. Even we have at least 5 players who haven’t yet came down for 10 Test matches. After our loss to South Africa, the change that we brought into the team showed us a good path and we need to learn from that experience,” Lehman said.

“Bangladesh have put immense pressure on us and we couldn’t handle it and I think it is quite expected from such a young side,” he added.

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