Sohag confident to return

Sohag gazi

Bangladeshi spinner Sohag Gazi has returned from Chennai yesterday evening after being examined in the bio – mechanical laboratory for his suspected bowling action. The report will be revealed in 5 or 6th of March this year. But Sohag seems confident enough to have a positive result.

Question: How was your laboratory test in Chennai?
Sohag Gazi: I bowled two over’s there; but they had not any specific rules of bowling, I did it of my own. I delivered some of the bowl from over the wicket and some of the bowl from round the wicket. There were some arm balls and some spins.

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Q: What are the prior preparations before the test?
Sohag: Prior to the test, two of the ICC officials examined my height and weight and they also asked me whether I have any injuries in my hand or not.

Q: Did you have a talk with the specialists after the test?
Sohag: I asked the specialists whether I have any troubles or not. They assured me in that regard that I will pass the examination. They also said that I could play the world cup if board allows me to do.

Q: They told it before….
Sohag: Yes, I told them. They said that my previous body balance was not right. There is no such thing now. I usually lean forward at that time which caused my hand to bend. But it is their observation in naked eye.

Q: Do you confident enough to pass the examination this time?
Sohag: I’m really confident. I think the result will be positive this time. I myself have realized that there is a slight change in my bowling action. Now the side action is prominent in my bowling. I have a consistent and nice bowling speed. The speed of the arm balls are 72 and the spin balls contains 65 to 64 km per hour. I am happy about that.

It is noted that International Cricket Council suspended Sohag Gazi in 8th October last year under the accusation of suspected bowling action. It is his second term examination in the bio – mechanical laboratory.

Sohag gazi to return