Sohag Gazi wants to return before World Cup

Sohag GaziSohag Gazi is regaining his confidence to come back in the national team after being suspended by the International Cricket Board for illegal bowling action. He has in a quite relaxed mood after a meeting with the BCB Cricket Operations Chairman Akram Khan yesterday. Sohag had to return in the midst of the West Indies after being accused by the umpires for suspected bowling action. And he will not be able to participate in the upcoming Zimbabwe series due to his suspension. But a confident Sohag remarked, “The possibility of a comeback depends upon me. It will depend on the matter of how much perseverance I can show. The more I work on the matter the more quickly I can regain my position in international cricket. My aim is to return in the team before the world cup. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to play in the World Cup.”

Sohag was informed that his elbow bends up to 25 to 30 degree and he can realize the reason behind it, “I’ve some problems in my left leg which causes to deviate my position during a delivery. And as I know the root of my problem it is definitely going to help me to solve my problems. I have a discussion with Abdur Razzak after the bio – mechanic examination; I don’t think that it needs a lot of time to overcome this problem.”

Bangladesh Cricket Board also wants that Sohag will start the rehabilitation program as early as possible. The persons who helped another Bangladeshi spinner Razzak after being suspended for illegal bowling action are Ruan Kalpage and Mohammad Salahuddin. Between them Salahuddin contributed most in that regard. But Salahuddin is working now as the coach of Kualalampur National University of Malaysia. So it will be best to send Sohag to Malaysia. And Salahuddin also said that he will be able to help Sohag if he would be sent there.

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Sohag expressed that he is depending upon BCB in this regard, “I’ll try my best to come back in the team; and I’m agreed to take whatever help the board will provide me. I want to work with the persons who helped Razzak. I’m relying on BCB.”

Sohag also said that he is hopeful to hold his own bowling action, “If my action has to be changed and I will not be able to spot my deliveries in the right position – it will ruin my cricket career. I want to solve my problems retaining my original action.”