Sydney Thunder furious for not getting two points, makes official complaint to CA

A power outage forced the game between Brisbane Heat and Sydney Thunder to abandon midway in Australia’s Big Bash League (BBL).

Sydney furious for losing 2 points
The Gabba fiasco has taken a new turn as Sydney Thunder are not happy with the one point as they feel they would have won the match and get all two points.

The match was called off after three overs in the second innings. Sydney Thunder posted a huge score of 186 runs courtesy of Shane Watson, who scored the first hundred of this season. Within three overs, Brisbane Heat lost two wickets under 10 runs before the power outage.

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Sydney Thunder’s general manager Lee Germon has written to Cricket Australia (CA) about the Gabba floodlight debacle and wants his team to be awarded the two points.

Germon wrote in the statement to CA on Friday

“We believe that the venue has the responsibility to provide floodlighting for the match, including the provision of a back-up power source. We have therefore asked Cricket Australia to award Sydney Thunder the two points for a win.

There should be a back-up system that enables play to carry on. In my view, this is similar to a situation where matches have been abandoned due to the pitch not playing a way umpires think it should be played, and in those previous situations points have been given to the away team.”

power outrage forces match to abandon
Germon also mentioned in the statement that during the reverse fixture of this same tie, Sydney Thunder were made to bat three overs when it was pouring down so that there would be a result. In the end, Brisbane Heat went on to win that encounter by DL method.

“The thing for me that I’m struggling with is that we had 26,000 people in the stadium. ig Bash goes to great extremes to always provide entertainment, and we saw that when we played through three overs of pouring rain at Spotless Stadium a couple of weeks ago against the same opposition.”

“It was deemed safe then, so I can’t understand why it would not be deemed safe here when the lights were partially on. It’s unacceptable this has happened.,” he concluded.

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