Tamim opens up about relationship with Shakib

There have been rumors in the cricket arena about the relationship between Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal, recently. Especially since Shakib could not come to Tamim’s live show, this discussion got more heated. But at once their friendship was said to be the best bonding in the team.

Tamim opens up about relationship with Shakib

In an interview with BDCrictime, Tamim talked about his relationship with Shakib. He made it clear that there was no problem between them. And the current ODI captain of Bangladesh thinks that the rumor that the relationship has deteriorated due to not coming to the live show is unreasonable.

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Tamim said, “There is no point in having distance. This thing started with Shakib not coming to my show live. I made it clear that he could not come for personal reasons. And I don’t believe it’s going to be a bad thing at all. “

Tamim also does not think there is any need to explain their relationship to the media. At this time there is a lot of dissatisfaction in Tamim about the people who spread rumours.

“I don’t think there is any need to come in front of me or him, media and explain whether our relationship is good or not. Our relationship is in the place of our relationship. The live show was in another place. I respect him as a cricketer. I’m sure he does too. I always want him well. Why would friendship be bad here? Would your relationship be ruined if your friend called you home and you didn’t go?

“We are a public figure, can people remember what they want? Many people can write a lot? That’s not right. Our relationship is in the right place. “

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