There is no way except prayer to fight coronavirus: Mushfiqur Rahim

The Bangabandhu Dhaka Premier League (DPL) has started yesterday with a lot of fears over the coronavirus issue. Although the influence of coronavirus worldwide has been greatly affected. Football, cricket, tennis, all tournaments are being closed.

There is no way except prayer to fight coronavirus: Mushfiqur Rahim

However, two experienced cricketers of Bangladesh team Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah Riyad are very aware of the coronavirus.

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Mushfiqur had a great century on the field in his first match on Sunday (March 15). Mahmudullah will take the field for the Gazi Group Cricketers in Mirpur on Monday (March 16). Mushfiqur said after the match and Mahmudullah said during the practice session in Mirpur that they were aware of the coronavirus.

After the match, Mushfiqur said,

“Everyone is really worried about this (coronavirus). We have to be as careful as possible. There is no way except prayer. We cannot be spit on because we have been instructed, not to shake hands, when we are together so that we are a little farther away. In drinks break, there had hexisol, was sanitizer. We’re also drinking water from our personal water bottles.”

On the other hand, Mahmudullah said during the morning practice, “I think more and more people are aware of it. Because the antidote is not in the moment right now, as much as we can take care of ourselves. You have to develop the habit of washing hands, staying fresh.

Besides, cleanliness is very important. Taking care of these things is good for everyone. Since everyone knows more and less one person at the cricket arena, if I can give this message to everyone, be careful about each other and be aware then it is good for everyone.”

Due to the coronavirus issue, this year’s DPL matches have been brought to Dhaka instead of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar.

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