Tigers not worried with Asia Cup defeat against India

Rakibul has no grievances before his first match against England on 16 January.

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Maksud Haque

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Bangladesh won the last Youth World Cup title by defeating India. Before this World Cup, they has fond memories of losing to India. However, the defeat in the Asia Cup did not dampen the team's preparations
Despite the strong possibility of victory against India, Bangladesh lost the semi-final due to batting failure in the Asia Cup. India is one of the favorites of this year's World Cup. The current champion Bangladesh, however is not upset against the 'favorite' opponent.
Captain Rakibul said, "Maybe we lost to India in the Asia Cup. But our preparation did not go bad. We are in good shape now. We are preparing to forget that. We are more prepared now than ever before. I hope I will do well in the first match."
Tigers could not play against any big team in the preparation match. Rakibul has no grievances before his first match against England on 16 January.
He also said "No, that's not a problem. Because before coming to the World Cup, we won against playing India on their field." 
"I have played and won at home with Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. So we think about our game, we think about our process. I am now looking to do well against England in the first match."
West Indies is the organizer of this year's event. Rakibul thinks that two venues are similar to the conditions. In his language, "Condition here is not very difficult. We are here like two weeks, playing two preparation matches - which is good preparation for us. We have now won the conditions . Hope we can play the best cricket with England".
Rakibul is satisfied with the expectations. He said, "All the teams come to win the World Cup. Everyone has a plan to be champion. We had the goal in the last World Cup and won the title because our preparation, process and plan became successful."
"Now I could not prepare for such a deep as much. Similarly, all the teams are deficit in the form of. The preparation we have prepared is possible."