Video: Bishnoi gets annoyed at wrong batsman getting out

Cricket is a game that demands high-level concentration during the passage of play. When two batsmen play, there should be a good understanding between the striker and non-striker such that mix-ups don’t happen. When such things don’t turn out, there would be a mix-up and sometimes, it ends up being a comical run-out.

Video: Bishnoi gets annoyed at wrong batsman getting out

During the U-19 World cup semifinal match, India was disappointed after getting the wrong batsman out as both batsmen ran at the same end.

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Batting on 9 off 15, Qasim Akram had middled the ball off Ravi Bishnoi’s bowling to the cover. But the batsman at the non-striker’s end, Rohail Nazir hesitated to take the single. However, he did run towards the other end even as Akram was already reaching the non-striker’s end.

But soon as Rohail learnt that the fielder at cover grabbed the ball and that meant big danger. As the fielder threw the ball to the wicket-keeper, Rohail was already on his way back towards the non-striker’s end.

Qasim refused to change his direction and then ran towards the same end as Rohail. The players who play for the same team became were up against each other in a race for a moment and it was Rohail who just made it on time as Bishnoi, at the bowler’s end, whipped the bails off with the ball.

The hilarious mix-up, however, turned out to be frustrating for both teams as Bishnoi was disappointed after it was Rohail, the set batsman with 41 off 68 at the point who made it safe and Qasim made his way back to the dressing room.

Watch the hilarious run-out

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