‘Virat Kohli will sledge you every time you bowl a dot ball to him’

Virat Kohli has always been an aggressive cricketer. There was a lot of criticism of his behavior early in his career. The Indian captain has also changed his behavior as he has developed himself as a great cricketer.

'Virat Kohli will sledge you every time you bowl a dot ball to him'

However, while batting, Kohli still spoke harshly to the bowlers. Bangladeshi fast bowler Al-Amin Hossain said this in Facebook live session recently.

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Virat Kohli is now the best batsman in the world. The bowlers are uncomfortable when it comes to bowling in front of him. Kohli’s answer is with the bat. Batsmen like him are not supposed to need to talk extra.

But Al Amin said that despite being a good batsman, Kohli called the bowler a contradictory one. Tigers pacer’s idea is that the Indian captain does this to make the opposing bowler feel uncomfortable.

In a Facebook live session with Crinfrenzy, Al-Amin said,

“Virat Kohli will sledge you every time you bowl a dot ball to him. He uses slang words, which I cannot say in front of an audience. In fact, he tries to put psychological pressure on the bowler. He wants to make you mentally uncomfortable.”

Big batsmen don’t usually do that, so Kohli’s behavior came as a bit of a surprise to Al Amin. “I have bowled to Chris Gayle, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and other great batsmen,” he said. “But no one does that. If it is a good ball, they defend it. No one speaks. Kohli is not like them. He counter-sledges.”

Earlier, national fast bowler Rubel Hossain had said the same. In a live session with Tamim Iqbal, he said that Kohli used to do a lot of sledging while playing in the under-19 stage. “He was sledging a lot then,” said Rubel.

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