You get remembered for how many Tests that you’ve played: Bairstow

England wicket-keeper batsman Jonny Bairstow believes Test cricket is the ultimate form of cricket and the cricketers gets remembered for how many Tests they have played.

Bairstow shared his views about Test cricket:
“It’s the traditional game, it’s like taking fifteens rugby away and just playing sevens rugby. It’s something we’ve definitely got to cherish and play and I want to go on and play as many Tests as I can because you get remembered for how many Tests that you’ve played.”

He added:
“Test cricket is huge, and if we’re not careful then there are going to be more and more people that do it., because you’ve got lucrative tournaments around the world that people now can go off for five weeks and earn a heck of a lot of money for five weeks work when the strain and stress on the body of bowling fours overs comparatively to bowling 24 overs in a day in Test cricket. So whatever way it is we can preserve Test cricket and go forward with that is really important.”

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Bairstow thought he would be involved throughout England’s five-month spell overseas before coach Trevor Bayliss put him on a plane back home to freshen up after the one-day series in Australia. It meant he had to forgo the opportunity of playing in the T20 side, the format he has yet to secure a regular spot in.

Bairstow quoted: “I kept for a thousand overs in the Ashes, 6,000 balls before we even practiced,” he said. “You have to be managed, in some ways it’s not feasible to play every game and train every day, batting for hours in the nets. Otherwise you get complete burnout of the squad in two years because of the amount we play.”

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