Chahal gets engaged to YouTuber Dhanashree Verma

Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal is very active person on social media. For a while, Tiktak garnered discussion as well as criticism with his videos. This time Chahal is also marrying a well-known face on social media.


Chahal gets married to YouTuber Dhanashree Verma

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This woman named Dhanshree Verma has gained fame as a YouTuber. Apart from YouTube, Chahal’s future wife has two other identities. He is also a choreographer and a doctor of medicine. He is also the co-founder of an organization called Dhanshree Burma. Like Chahal on social media. Chahal’s fans have met with talented Chahal’s wife in various discussions.

Chahal was away from the game for a long time due to Corona. A few days later, he will be busy with the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he will play in the Royal Challengers Bangalore jersey. Before that, he got engaged. It has been a secret for so long, who Chahal is marrying or who he is in love with. This time he has announced his engagement.

“We said yes, our family said yes,” Chahal wrote on Twitter, adding funny pictures of the two.

Earlier, it was rumored that Chahal was having an affair with Bangalore-based actress Tanishka Kapoor. Intimate pictures of the two were also circulating on social media. Although Chahal has always claimed, Tanishka is only his friend. His demand came to fruition this time as he got engaged to YouTuber, choreographer and doctor Dhanashree.

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