Cricket Australia ‘seriously considering’ four-day Tests

Adhering the growing drive to curtail cricket’s longest format, Cricket Australia (CA) stated they are in a serious note of consideration for playing four-day Test matches.

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Cricket Australia Chief Executive Kevin Roberts said the governing body was looking after the number of matches that ended in shorter duration and therefore would look into the matter to come to a decision.

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“I think it is something we’ve got to seriously consider. It is something that can’t be driven by emotion, it has got to be driven by fact,”

Roberts told Australian radio station SEN on Saturday.

“We’re really looking forward to digging into the facts of that. What’s the average length of Test matches over the last five to 10 years, both in terms of time and overs? Over rates are a consideration in the modern game aren’t they? he said.

Australia were the first nation who advocated for Day-Night Test matches and arranged the first of its’ kind back in 2015.

Roberts said they are considering the interest of fans and the overall texture of the game.

“In the interest of fans and the health of the game, we need to make sure that over rates don’t continue to slow. There’s a whole lot of considerations in that. Something we’ve got to look at very, very carefully and perhaps it’s more likely than not in the mid-term future,” CA CEO said.

“For me to say that, would be based on intuition then fact. I’d be arguing against myself. We are going to be digging into the facts and see what they tell us about the recent length of Test matches and take it from there,” he further added.

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