ICC reveals fixing approaches during World Cup 2019

In an exclusive exposure, International Cricket Council (ICC) has revealed various attempts of match fixing during 2019 World Cup in England and Wales that has been termed as ‘clean’ since its’ happening. 

In rare a happening, the scheduled ‘press conference’ on Monday at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton has been called after no player from the Indian World Cup squad appeared to address the media personnel.


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ICC Anti-corruption unit (ACU) General Manager Alex Marshal said there are reported approaches from suspicious individuals who tried to fix matches in Twenty20 franchise leagues.

“We got very good feedback because we showed players pictures of current corruptors,”

Marshall said.

“That then led to several reports from people playing in World Cup about contact they had from those corruptors about T20 events in the future. None of them related to approaches to fix in the World Cup. At this point as far as I know it looks as though the World Cup was clean,” he said.

Marshall goes through numerous evidences to help to get rid of corruption from the game, believes captains and franchise owners are always among the big targets.

“A lot of recent investigations have stemmed from franchise cricket and often below the very top tier of franchise cricket but where the new model of team ownership brings in people from outside normal cricket structures,” said Marshall.

The ACU General Manager confirmed 50 live cases of possible wrongdoing during the World Cup that are under investigation now.

“There is always the risk someone will fall for it. The big difference is there was not an anti corruption code in Cronje’s day. There was not the same education or an anti corruption unit like mine.

“In cricket we are a bit unusual. We will go after all the corruptors, even those outside our code. We have had them arrested and detained by immigration in three countries in recent months after telling the local police that this person is a suspected corruptor and moving through your borders.

“We have taken an aggressive approach towards the corruptors which other sports don’t,” he added.

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